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Apr 23

At the shores edge, Timbre points to a glowing area about a hundred years out “ That used to be so far from the shore, but now the beast is so close, so close to my shame.” She turns to the party, “The beast is only about a main branches down, Remember the blade must be held by one willing to bear the burden of the Seela’s lives. Anarial placed gaurdians near by, Water Ogre’s that surround the beast to keep it from being disturbed, and possibly freed. They may all be dead now, but I can’t be sure.”

The party looks at one another as Calynna gets back to the surface from getting knocked in by Vol. She starts to swim to where indomitably is, She knew that she needed to pull the sword to end this suffering.

The party at the shore line starts to tie a line around the watch tower and Horatio starts to pull the other end of the rope to the location where Indomitably is. Just before Horatio came to a point where his head was under water, Calynna submerged herself to go down to indomitably, and seen two water Ogre’s come into sight.

They were in a patrol type pattern after Katrina was down there earlier, she disturbed them and now they were on alert. Calynna panicked and quickly surfaced. In a feat of unknown physics she sam so fast she could be mistaken for almost running on water back to the surface while yelling “OGRE!!!”

The Ogre’s easily notice the little Eladrin and the wake she created, and it didn’t take a lot to notice that there were others in the water as well. Each one spotted one close to them, and darted like a torpedo to them, one to Horatio, one to Torrent

The Ogre that headed to Horatio quickly reached him and quickly reached out with a claw and swiped at our hero, the force from the ogre torpedo with the claw easily penetrated Horatio’s armour. But it just took out a little out of his side.

Torrent just happen to be watching Horatio when she seen him just about double over. When a glowing light reached him. She looked off to the left and seen another under water glow heading to her. She takes her holy symbol in her right hand, and in front of her claps her hadns with her arms extended. A giant wave formed in front of her like something very large hit the water, The wave formed from it heading to the glow, and it seemed to get tumbled around, bounced off the bottom and pushed back a bit. She quickly walked up onto shore and pulled out her battle axe.

Horatio when he doubled over from the pain in his side, the Ogre comes around with his other hand and grab his ankle trying to pull him under. Rhyslan see’s Horatio go under and points his wand where he was, and moves his wand over to where Orihime is. Horatio burst out of the water like he was being pulled by a big claw with some force. The sudden splash startled Tigger while she was in the form of a big cat, The cat in one bound went to the top of the watch tower twenty feet high, and looked down after shaking off some of the water.

Orihime raised up her holy symbol from her neck and says something in elvish, and a burst of light appeared, and faded quickly. When it faded she looked down and there was Horatio at her feet, and she immediately started to heal his wound in his side. Horatio didn’t waste any time, he pulled out his cross bow that was attached to his thigh, and took aim to where the Ogre was.

Randall quickly thought what he could do, and held his wand out in front of him. He held it mid shaft but started to form a circle with the top of the wand, and a vortex formed right at the water ogre was that attacked Horatio. The vortex pulled up the water ogre, and it stood there floating for a moment.

Once the water ogre was seen, Orihime quickly pulled out her long bow and fired off two arrows, Horatio aimed at the floating Ogre and fired off three cross bow bolts, Calynna quickly threw a javelin at the floating ogre, Rhyslan held his staff and launched a magic missile at him. The splash that the ogre made after being turned into a pin cushion was epic, not quite dead yet, but slowly moving.

The Ogre by Torrent regain his senses, and quickly came up to the surface looking for who could do that to it. Torrent and Tigger see it, and both know that they have the high ground here. Tigger quickly Jumps down with all four claws digging into the head neck and right along the spine of the Ogre, when she loses momentum, she jumps off to the side, digging in the claws once more to help her with the jump. The Ogre arches his back in pain and comes up and forcefully with both of her hands, come swinging down at the center of the Ogre

Orihime fires off her bow two more times into the water, Calynna hurtles another Javelin at the same ogre, Horatio fires off three more cross bow bolts into the water. Randall and Rhyslan still holding his staff mid shaft, acts like it is a long bow, and a magic missile comes from his hands. Seeing all the projectiles into the water was more like shooting fish in a barrel. Then the water ogre floats to the surface face down.

The ogre comes down from being hit by Torrent, and takes a swing with his massive claw at her, but she was a bit shorter than what he swiped at. Tigger leaped and grabbed the ogre by the throat in a death bite, and clawed the back again. Calynna quickly ran over with a long spear, and quickly stuck the Ogre in the shoulder, trying to aim for the heart area. Randal fired off another magic missile at him, and Torrent went behind Calynna. The Ogre very mad tried to reach behind to hit the large cat, but it just has too many mustles to reach, but it comes down and tried to hit Calynna, but she had a tight grip on the long spear, and keeps him just out of reach. Tigger re- adjusts her bite, and Calynna stabs the ogre this time in the middle of the chest. When she pulls back the ogre attacks again with his claw, the force knocks Calynna against the tower of the guard tower, and impaled in her side and arm. Tigger quickly takes one more bite, this time the ogre gues limp, and falls face first down on the shoreline. After a minute Tigger finally lets go, and just gives a mean hiss at the ogre. Torrent looks at Calynna and lays healing hands on her, and quickly healed.

Calynna looks at Timbre, Timbre says “ They might all be dead, but I am not sure”

Calynna looks around “Lets just get this over with, I am Hungry” and she starts heading back out in the water…..

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Apr 16

As Calynna walks off, singing a traveling tune, the rest of the travelers start to follow one by one, they form a single file line, they start traveling toward Guinevere’s lake. Vol just looks at them with a look almost of disgust. He murmurs something under his breath, to the group.

As they travel, Calynna tells the group, we have to have a plan, The Stag at the bottom of the lake IS the embodiment of the forest. If the song stops, the embodiment stops, and the forest with all of us go poof, We have to find a way to find Timbre and hopefully she can tell us more, then we may find a way NOT to go poof.

Their travels went quickly, about four miles from the village, the most beautiful sight is seen by the group. Something that has not been sen by the group in a long time. A pool filled with patches of burning reeds, they pop out of the water and sway with the slight breeze. Of all the ash covered water that the group had seen, this water was pure and clear. Everyone could see all the way to the bottom with no problem. At the center of the pool there is a island, covered with flaming flowers arranged tasteful among the small animal skulls and rocks. Tree branches sway back and forth with the gentle wind. The calming and serene sight of the pool is almost hypnotic. To the south end of the pool, there is a cave leading into a dark nothingness.

Calynna looks at the group “I guess that this is Guinevere’s area. Now she loves animal sacrifices, I have a plan for that.” She walks back into the woods a bit while reaching into her backpack to get her flute. Once she reached so far in the woods, Calynna sat down and started to play a song.
As the song was being played, all the trees and bushes around that started to bloom and produce fruit. This was something that the forest has not seen in a very long time. Several woodland creatures notice and head to the newly bloomed plants. Tigger and Rhyslan quickly catch a couple of foxes, Horatio and Randall takes aim at a flock of birds, Torrent and Orihime snares several squirrels.

Calynna ends playing her song and looks up at the group and smiles. Now the group walks over to the pool with the several animals.

Horatio and Torrent walk up to the shore line, and lay the animals just on the edge of the water line. Guinevere comes around the island and gives a cackle, “Ha Ha Ha” and with a full body sweep. She surveys the party, and unexpectedly, she looks at a braid of hair
The party recognize it as the lock of hair they heard about, it 2′ long blonde, and held together by a copper clip, basically a whole ponytail, she has draped over one shoulder, and speaks to the hair “Oh my love, have the jealous come to see our beauty?” Her focus then turns on gifts of the animals that everyone brought for her. She stretches out both arms toward the offering. “They seek to trick us with such tender morsels” as she seems to be talking to herself. Then with a threatening hiss, “Do you scheme to rob me and my love? Tell me true or you shall die!”

Torrent replies back to her, “We came to beg a boon with thee”

“You must tell me more of this” the old hag replied

Rhyslan steps forward “We seek the smallest inoffensive thing, something that we need.” Everyone could heat the respect in his voice he was giving to her.

“I’m listening” she just cackles back

Torrent looks at her and asks “wouldn’t you like to see your love restored?”

She jjust gives torrent a odd look, “ I have my love with me, forever and always!”

Trying to sound sympathetic “What you have is a talisman of misery, would you not rather have a talisman of joy?”

“that could be useful” Gwenevere said as she thought about it a bit

“We do not seek to take from you anything you possess, but would you tell us how you chose that talisman to take?”

“It is my precious, it is my Love” she said grasping on to the end of the hair.

“What makes it so precious for you?” Torrent asked her

“It is, what it is” Guinevere replied grasping the hair just a bit tighter

Torrent trying to make her think, “Can you call up a ghost with is?”

loosening the grip on the hair, she looks at the rest of the party, “What ghost, it is my Love.”

“is it he ONLY thing that is so precious to you” Torrent replied back

Guinevere immediately responded “it is the only thing that we have left here.” she said with a voice that sounded like she was miserable.

Calynna steps up in between Horatio and Torrent, and steps into the water. “Pardon me beautiful woman, we are looking for the shrine of Anaril” she said with a soft warm face, Nobody could fake that face better. If there had been a mirror in front of her, she would have believed herself.

“Just exactly which beautiful woman are you looking for young one” Guinevere gazing at the blond Eladrin

Calynna continued on, “Our traveling group was told that there was a beautiful woman here at this pool by the lake that would help us find the shrine. After seeing your beauty, we thought that was you”

After a brief moment of thought, Guinevere gets the biggest smile of her face. Her eyes begin to glisten, and some of her wrinkles even seem to disappear. She invites everyone over to the shore line, and sit a bit and talk.

Once everyone was seated and relaxes, Guinevere says, “So tell me what it is you all want to do…”

“We came to see the shrine of Anaril,” spouted off Calynna

“We might find something there to help us put these fires out.” Rhyslan immediately interjected.

“I See” Guinevere stated

Rhyslan looked at Guinevere “We believe there is a lock of hair, and if we show that lock of hair to Timbre, she might calm down enough to let us talk to her and learn from her how to put the fires out”

Guinevere looks at the party, and Begins hang her head and cry, she tries to look up at her guests, but each time she sees them, just brings another wave of tears as they stream down her face, as they hit the pool, they cry out into a crystal bell tone. The water around her is just radiating, and looks like nothing is there. She begins to sway, and then with a big wale, a shock wave is generated from her, so large that it shakes the ground. Threw the tears she states “Am I so blind, Anaril is gone, and though my grief is pure, my actions are not. What have I done? How could this of happened” as the tears begin to subside she tells the group “come with me.”

The group stands up in unison, and begin to wade into the water, The pool is only waist deep as they head to the cave. There inside of the cave, there is the shrine for Anaril. Guinevere takes the braid of hair and sets it up on the shrine. “Tell Timbre I have been a Fool, The troubles of the forest have gone on for far too long. I am eternally sorry for abandoning my duty. I am weak now, and can no longer help you as I desire. There is a shrine at the mouth of the river where my powers can be restored. If your quest fails, I shall be there and there may be items to help you if you use them with honor. Go now with my last blessing.” As she is walking to the entrance of the cave, she touches each member of the party with a cold and wet finger on the forehead. She waves goodbye to everyone as she swims with the river north.

Torrent being a little stunned after the blessing, looks at the shrine and walks over to it, takes the braid of hair, and starts for the cave entrance. “Okay, lets find Timbre”

The party starts traveling back to the village, They took the long way around, trying to find the area that they heard that Timbre might be in. about a mile on the north side of the village, they come across a area in the river bed area, there was a staircase, inlay-ed into the stairs was silver symbols. At the top, a ledge. Willows on fire dance with the thermals off the ledge. Scattered around are burning rose bushes. At the top of the hilltop, there in a circle is a huge willow. Two boars and two stags stand guard to block the way, they with everything burn with the forest’s fire. They stand guard, but make no move until the group comes close, then the boars move and grunt blocking everybody. Curtains of fire show that the path is the only way. The tree in the center is identical to the one of the shrine in the center of the town. The party can make out the form of a woman whose wrapped around the trunk, her wooden skin flares with bright intensity of the fire.

Randall shouts “I think we found our Timbre”

Rhyslan takes the hair from Torrent, Holds it in front of the garuds, “Would you let us in?”

Timbre looks up at the party, but other than that not budging, and neither are her guards

Torrent begins to tell Timbre about the adventure that they had been on. Emphasizing on duty and honor of their adventure, to protect the forest. She also reminds Timbre to her duty of the forest.

Tigger tries to appeal to her role as the protector of the forest, and how the forest is crying for help.

Rhyslan also describes how that they were chased into the forest by the Shahalesti that were with the goblins.

Timbre remembers everything in a wave of emotions that snaps her out of her madness. “ Let them enter” She says, and the boars move out of the path. Everyone moves in taking careful steps not to look threatening

Timbre’s knowledge is Vast, She describes the first tree of Entadar was planted by a Gold Dragon named Ceanna, it was blessed by a deity of life at the forest founding. In this mountain pass the Fey wild, and the material world met, The willow grew in both worlds. The first seeds were the Seela. They were the first children of the forest, and charged to take care of it. But it also radiated with the dragon that planted. The old story of the Seela tells how they learned the song of forms from the rumbling of the earth from caved deep under the forest. How their dragon magic gave them the power to preserve nature. Timbre herself is a product of the song. She is a awakened spirit born from the subconscious of the forest when it needed protection in the bitter winter months of a long forgotten time ago. The beauty and power of the song drew elf’s from the fey wild, and they settled at the forest verdant glades, and the trees cool shade. They lived peacefully and became emissary and diplomats with the Seela when the other races began trade threw the forest paths. The Elf warrior Anaril came to rest in the forest glade during the first crisis of the forest. The assault of the entadar elves by the Shahalesti. Timbre came to care for the elf, and began to love her. She gave the elf warrior a gift, A branch from the tree that was part of herself. With that blade, she drove back the Shahalesti and drove them back. Anaril came back to the grove, and became a protector champion to the rest of the forest. When the vile creature of indomitable life came to the forest years later, and death was refused to the forest inhabitants, Anaril fought it, but suffered a mortal would while using the sword to imprison it. A shrine was erected to her and her memory. Hoping that her spirit be as resilient as the beast she defeated. When the Shahalesti came forty years ago, there was no protector for the forest this time. The Seela were so connected with the first tree that their very lives depend on it’s survival. The ancient willow was probably lost to the flame, but Anaril sword is a living branch, untouched by the fire that consumes the rest of the forest. The sword only lives when it is bonded to a living creature. The sword is currently pinning indomitably to the bottom of lake Seela. And it is still bound to Timbre. Timbre will release the swords bond if the hero’s intend to retrieve it to save the Seela. If someone grabs the sword, it will bond with them, but also release indomitably again. The beast will be weak from it’s long imprisonment, but still be formidable. The forest will burn down, but as long as the bearer of the living sword survives, so will the Seela. The forest will take root again,, The Seela will be able to bond to a new first tree. Timbre knows that she will die when the forest burns down, but she accepts this fate, and looks forward to be with her lover in the after life. Timbre does not know why the song of forms keeps the creature from becoming unsustainable, but suspects it’s a combination of powerful primal magic and a unknown connection between the Seela and the creature. Timbre mourns over the lost of Guinevere friendship, and brightens with hope in the fact that the hero’s did not kill her. The shrine that was built was built by the God that blessed this grove, so her madness now should be cured, and her strength restored.

After the story, the party looks at one another and Horatio asks “What do we do now?”

Rhyslan looks at him. “We go back to the village”

“May I Join you now, I may be useful” Timbre asks.

The whole party agrees and they make their way back to the Seela Village. They discuss on who would be the one to take the sword. It seems a consensus that it would be Calynna or Horatio

When everyone reaches the village, when Vol flies out to meet everybody. “And Timbre” he stated, He quickly draped a dark cloak over her. Vol Shouts to gather all the Seela together. After a moment when all the Seela are there he announces to everyone “My fellow Seela, Forty years of pain and suffering are almost at a end. What is beneath this cloak is our salvation. Gaze upon our freedom.” with this he pulled the cloak away to reveal the ancient Dryad. From a fold in his clothing he reveals a wicked dagger in his hand. Before anybody could react, he plunges it into he heart of Timbre. “Your death comes NOW!!”

with a gasp, Timbre falls to the ground. Flames slowly start to go out all over her body. Vol lifts her lifeless body, taking her out into the shallows of the lake and casually just drops her body into the water. Steam rises and the last of the flames on Timbres body extinguish.

Suddenly there was a eerie silence, everybody in shock. The Seela song was stopped.

Rhyslan in anger “Vol What Have You Done!!”

From out of nowhere, Tilljon starts to sing, and starts to walk around having others to start singing,

Vol realizes this and Shouts out “NO!” and unleashes psychic attack to Tilljon, trying to silence her. Calynna quickly shoves Tilljon out of the way, but is hit by the blast, and is hurtled out into the water. Tilljon startled, still continues to sing.

Orihime and Torrent quickly rush over to Timbre, they act quickly to try and save the life of Timbre.

Tigger, quickly transforms into a large cat. She with her cat reflex, leaps towards Vol, it startles him, as he feels the claws enter into him, then as quickly as Tigger jumped onto him, she does a leap back to the middle of the group.

Randall and Rhyslan raise their staffs, and with a glow on the end, they point the ends to Vol, and two ghostly hands appear on each side of Vol, The hands grab a hold of each arm, and holds him in place.

Vol being pinned, attempts to attack some more of his fellow Seela, but a sudden jerk of the wand by Randall, made him miss.

In a almost slow motion action, Horatio walks up, as he is drawing his sword, as he takes another step, he raises his enormous sword over his head, about to come full force down on Vol.

Vol looks at Horatio directly in the eye for a second, and just flinches closing his eyes knowing that this was the end.

“Pathetic” Horatio says right before his sword comes down. It enters just to the left of his head, and quickly moves threw his pinned body as Horatio is giving a combat yell, finally coming to stop at Vol’s right hip. With a grunt Horatio twists the sword, and another grunt as he pulls out his sword of Vols now lifeless body, nearly split in half.

With that, both Randall and Rhyslan gasp at the power and their phantom hands disappear, allowing Vol to fall to the ground. When he hits the ground, something is not right, he no longer looks like a Seela. It looks like a trillith. The almost non corporal form lay before them, it’s head with nothing but a large split jaw mouth, and it’s 6 tentacles for arms and legs just lie there. In a mist of smoke it fades away

Timbre then sits up and asks “Is it over yet?” She said like nothing ever happened. “I knew something was going to happen, I didn’t know which angle it was coming from, so I wore my special armor today.