Apr 23

At the shores edge, Timbre points to a glowing area about a hundred years out “ That used to be so far from the shore, but now the beast is so close, so close to my shame.” She turns to the party, “The beast is only about a main branches down, Remember the blade must be held by one willing to bear the burden of the Seela’s lives. Anarial placed gaurdians near by, Water Ogre’s that surround the beast to keep it from being disturbed, and possibly freed. They may all be dead now, but I can’t be sure.”

The party looks at one another as Calynna gets back to the surface from getting knocked in by Vol. She starts to swim to where indomitably is, She knew that she needed to pull the sword to end this suffering.

The party at the shore line starts to tie a line around the watch tower and Horatio starts to pull the other end of the rope to the location where Indomitably is. Just before Horatio came to a point where his head was under water, Calynna submerged herself to go down to indomitably, and seen two water Ogre’s come into sight.

They were in a patrol type pattern after Katrina was down there earlier, she disturbed them and now they were on alert. Calynna panicked and quickly surfaced. In a feat of unknown physics she sam so fast she could be mistaken for almost running on water back to the surface while yelling “OGRE!!!”

The Ogre’s easily notice the little Eladrin and the wake she created, and it didn’t take a lot to notice that there were others in the water as well. Each one spotted one close to them, and darted like a torpedo to them, one to Horatio, one to Torrent

The Ogre that headed to Horatio quickly reached him and quickly reached out with a claw and swiped at our hero, the force from the ogre torpedo with the claw easily penetrated Horatio’s armour. But it just took out a little out of his side.

Torrent just happen to be watching Horatio when she seen him just about double over. When a glowing light reached him. She looked off to the left and seen another under water glow heading to her. She takes her holy symbol in her right hand, and in front of her claps her hadns with her arms extended. A giant wave formed in front of her like something very large hit the water, The wave formed from it heading to the glow, and it seemed to get tumbled around, bounced off the bottom and pushed back a bit. She quickly walked up onto shore and pulled out her battle axe.

Horatio when he doubled over from the pain in his side, the Ogre comes around with his other hand and grab his ankle trying to pull him under. Rhyslan see’s Horatio go under and points his wand where he was, and moves his wand over to where Orihime is. Horatio burst out of the water like he was being pulled by a big claw with some force. The sudden splash startled Tigger while she was in the form of a big cat, The cat in one bound went to the top of the watch tower twenty feet high, and looked down after shaking off some of the water.

Orihime raised up her holy symbol from her neck and says something in elvish, and a burst of light appeared, and faded quickly. When it faded she looked down and there was Horatio at her feet, and she immediately started to heal his wound in his side. Horatio didn’t waste any time, he pulled out his cross bow that was attached to his thigh, and took aim to where the Ogre was.

Randall quickly thought what he could do, and held his wand out in front of him. He held it mid shaft but started to form a circle with the top of the wand, and a vortex formed right at the water ogre was that attacked Horatio. The vortex pulled up the water ogre, and it stood there floating for a moment.

Once the water ogre was seen, Orihime quickly pulled out her long bow and fired off two arrows, Horatio aimed at the floating Ogre and fired off three cross bow bolts, Calynna quickly threw a javelin at the floating ogre, Rhyslan held his staff and launched a magic missile at him. The splash that the ogre made after being turned into a pin cushion was epic, not quite dead yet, but slowly moving.

The Ogre by Torrent regain his senses, and quickly came up to the surface looking for who could do that to it. Torrent and Tigger see it, and both know that they have the high ground here. Tigger quickly Jumps down with all four claws digging into the head neck and right along the spine of the Ogre, when she loses momentum, she jumps off to the side, digging in the claws once more to help her with the jump. The Ogre arches his back in pain and comes up and forcefully with both of her hands, come swinging down at the center of the Ogre

Orihime fires off her bow two more times into the water, Calynna hurtles another Javelin at the same ogre, Horatio fires off three more cross bow bolts into the water. Randall and Rhyslan still holding his staff mid shaft, acts like it is a long bow, and a magic missile comes from his hands. Seeing all the projectiles into the water was more like shooting fish in a barrel. Then the water ogre floats to the surface face down.

The ogre comes down from being hit by Torrent, and takes a swing with his massive claw at her, but she was a bit shorter than what he swiped at. Tigger leaped and grabbed the ogre by the throat in a death bite, and clawed the back again. Calynna quickly ran over with a long spear, and quickly stuck the Ogre in the shoulder, trying to aim for the heart area. Randal fired off another magic missile at him, and Torrent went behind Calynna. The Ogre very mad tried to reach behind to hit the large cat, but it just has too many mustles to reach, but it comes down and tried to hit Calynna, but she had a tight grip on the long spear, and keeps him just out of reach. Tigger re- adjusts her bite, and Calynna stabs the ogre this time in the middle of the chest. When she pulls back the ogre attacks again with his claw, the force knocks Calynna against the tower of the guard tower, and impaled in her side and arm. Tigger quickly takes one more bite, this time the ogre gues limp, and falls face first down on the shoreline. After a minute Tigger finally lets go, and just gives a mean hiss at the ogre. Torrent looks at Calynna and lays healing hands on her, and quickly healed.

Calynna looks at Timbre, Timbre says “ They might all be dead, but I am not sure”

Calynna looks around “Lets just get this over with, I am Hungry” and she starts heading back out in the water…..

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