March 9

As the ragtag band of misfits come back from their travels, with a new idea in mind on how to try to escape from the burning forest after learning that the blessing they took from the creature Indomitable made them never to leave the forest. The possibilities were going through their heads when everyone in the party hears a song inside their thoughts, at first very dim and almost unrecognizable to all but as they travel along it becomes louder and louder. The song is altogether mesmerizing in its beauty and sadness that the song has. Everyone slowly looks at Calynna, but she just hums along with the tune of the song walking along looking at the burning forest, the look on her face is somewhat of sadness seeing the forest not living, but not dying. Katrina is somewhat disturbed by the song, she is walking like something is about to appear out of the shadows, every other step, Katrina touches the hilt of her daggers like she is about to draw them out at a moments notice. Following right behind her is her ever faithful Randall, who the Gods seem to bless with the use of magic, if it was not for that, he would be confined to a village asylum. The rest of the group is just scattered and following the road wondering where the music is coming from.

they walk up upon a bridge again with the familiar lookout post that they crossed before, as they approach the bridge, the music is almost fully definable.
Katrina cries out to the rest, “ I know this place, we have been here before”
Randall shouts out “YES MISTRESS”
Katrina shivers and thinks, ‘must you always do that’ She turns around to Randall and just as she was about to begin giving him another lashing for being too loud, Torrent Shouts “Who is that?!?!”

There standing in the middle of the bridge, there appears to be a young girl, with a set of wings, almost a cross between a nymph and a elf. Everyone recognizes it as a Fey creature and the source of the song. Katrina immediately pulls out her magic daggers and with skill and ease disappears into the forest. The look on Randall’s face is ever shocking on seeing her disappear. immediately his attention turns from Katrina to the creature standing by the watch tower in the middle of the bridge. Everyone gets a cold chill up their spines as they see some smoke gathering up in a few isolated spots and seeing the fey creatures like her suddenly appear. Everyone in the party recognizes the sudden appearance since they have seen Calynna do it several times. 5 creatures just like the girl, all male and all have weapons in their hands. All members of the party respond, almost like a well rehearsed dance, Rhyslan and Randall take their staves in both hands, the tips of them begin to glow, Orihime takes her holy symbol in her left hand, pulls the cord until the end snaps off, and readies her bow, Torrent grabs her battle axe in her right hand, and holds her holy symbol in her left hand still on its chain. Tigger spins and in a amazing feat of transformation, what appears to be falling to her hands and knees, a vicious tiger appears, None on the field can match the length of Horatio’s sword as he unsheathes it Calynna not sure what to do, has a look of shock on her face. The stage has been set, the characters are now in the spotlight. What will happen

Two of the creatures suddenly jerk towards the girl. they have her surrounded and try to attack with their short swords, suddenly the girl ducks down and the 2 swing at nothing but air. Out from the mouths of one of the creatures shouts out “you morons”. Kat whispers under her breath, ‘gotcha’ knowing that this one is clearly their leader

Tigger suddenly pounced forward and leaps on the bridge and stares down 5 of the creatures and snarls at them, with a roar, the ground begins to form a wave, first moving out from Tigger, the ground is deforming like it was water, then once the wave reaches the closest creature, the deformity breaks and a big wave as tall as the creature of salt water and small rocks being forced by the wave knocking the creature. A small smile appears on Tiggers face but is quickly gone when the creature turns towards her almost unharmed. Out of nowhere Katrina appears right next to Tigger both daggers are in her hands ready to be thrown. first Katrina throws the one from her left hand, then quickly from the right hand. The first dagger lands square in the shoulder of the creature, the force it has behind it goes all the way to the handle, and partially spins the creature, but because of that spin, the second dagger missed. as quickly as they were thrown, they seem to turn into ash and re-appear in the holster on Katrina’s belt.
Everyone hears coming from the girl, “Don’t Kill them….” The party thinks that she is yelling at the creatures because they appear to be the same race.

As the rest of the group is coming up behind Tigger, Calynna does something very strange she reaches up to her cloak and unsnaps its connector, suddenly doing a mad dash towards the girl she swings the cloak over her left side, and carrying it in front of her, passing by one creature, they take a swing at her, she narrowly avoids the blade as she jumps over it, and when she hits the ground, she wraps the girl in the cloak and disappears. suddenly coming back into the world on the other side of Tigger. Calynna just has enough time to utter the words “Are you Okay” to the girl, when a couple of the creatures realize what happened and through some daggers at her and hit her right in the back, and the one closest to her takes a swing and hits her right in the arm. The girl just looks around at the party scared to say a word, almost confused at what happened. The others see this, and Randall takes his staff in his left hand, and with his right hand treats it like a bow, a magic missile appears and hits the same creature that the rest of the party appeared to be hitting. Rhyslan points the end his staff at a creature right on the edge of the bridge, a hand of Ice appears right beside the creature, the hand closes and Rhyslan suddenly jerks where he is pointing the staff down to the water, the icy hand that was holding the creature follows and quickly dunks the creature under the water.

The small girl looks at Rhyslan and says in a pleading voice “Please don’t kill them…”
Orihime and Horatio quickly charge up to Calynna, Horatio quickly takes a charging swing at the creature that was about to take another swing at Calynna. The blast from his sword is so violent that the creature drops his short sword. Orihime quickly pulls the daggers out of Calynna’s back and chants a spell to heal the wounds, “I reject” and the gaping wounds are closed up.

The creature that appears to be the leader raises a cross bow aiming right for Horatio, the bolt flies thru the air, and hits horatio right in the thigh. Horatio looks up at the leader. and grins. The leader is so taken by his glance that he takes a step back.

The two that took a swing at the girl turn around and start running to the girl again. Calynna looks up at Orihime smiles, Orihime knew that it meant ‘thank you’, that does not last long, Calynna quickly stands up and turns around. she holds out her hands like she is about to choke someone right in front of her. Calynna begins to almost yell a melody, and a claw of grey vapor appears in front of one of the creatures, they quickly see the claw in front of them but they could not stop and runs right into the claw as it grasps around it. she copies Rhyslan and sends them into the water.

The girl is clearly upset and screams when it hits the water. Kat looks at Randall, and shouts to him, “Do the same to that one” as she points to the leader holding the crossbow.

Randall points to him with the end of the staff, another green hand appears, this time around the leader of the bandits, like nothing, the one that shouted to his own men that they were ‘idiots’ was now being dunked head first in the river below, over and over. Randall was on the bridge just laughing away as the tip of his staff moved up and down.

The rest of the creatures stop in their tracks, and look at one another. their wings begin to flutter, almost in fear, and they disappear in a whisp of smoke.

for a moment the only sound was Randall laughing as the leader was being dunked in the water head first.

Kat slowly walked back to Randall, grabbed the staff and just said in a stern tone, “Stop That!” and raised his staff up to where the leader was hanging over the edge of the bridge upside down. “Bring those two up” she barked, and the other two creatures came up out of the water.

the girl just started to say over and over “don’t kill them, don’t kill them…..”

Kat just said “ let them go, I am interested in this one.” Randall and Calynna released their grasp on the creatures, and they disappeared like all the rest.

Calynna walks back to the girl, she appears alright, with the exception of not appearing to have eaten in days if not weeks, and asks again, “what is your name, did they Harm you in anyway?

All that she could tell the group was “my name is Tilljon what have I done?”

Kat just snaps back, “We just showed up and saved your scrawny behind”
Randall just had to add in, “And we didn’t kill anybody in the process, which is what we don’t do” Kat just rolls her eyes as he is saying it.
Torrent added, “Yeah, so much easier to kill them all and let their Gods sort them out”

Orihime yells at everybody “ People Please!” and turns to the Tilljon, “who was trying to harm you” she said in the kindest voice

Tilljon just replied back “Condrovon”

Kat and Horatio look at each other and Kat replies back, “Who is Condrovon”

She just points to the one being held upside down, “That one, There…”

Torrent asks her “So…. Um… Are you related to these people?”

Tilljon replies back “They are my Kind, They are from my village”

Kat snaps back almost yelling at her “What did you do to piss them off?”

“I Did Nothing” she replies back scared “How can I do something like that”

Rhyslan Jumps in and asks “So your people just send assassins to kill you for nothing?”

“it seems so” she said with a sad heart.

Torrent getting frustrated “did you just have a birthday, step away from a wedding, or…..” trying to imply something else


Should I close this a little tighter? as Randall made the hand holding the leader of the gang close tighter

“NO’ She shouted
Kat just put up her hand telling Randall to stop. And walks over to him. “I have a few questions for you.” she tells him “Why did you try to kill an innocent girl here”

he spits back “I was just sent by Vol, I am just his minion”

Kat quickly walks up to him, hops up on the ledge of the bridge, pulls out a dagger and holds it up to his throat, “She may want you not to die, I don’t care, so either you tell me why you want someone dead, or I kill you”

“NO” Tilljon screams

Condrovon looks at the dagger and quickly replied “ I Swear I know nothing, I was just sent to stop her from singing”

Kat looks at him for a moment judging on if he is telling the truth. finally puts the dagger back, “Let him go..” she orders as she walks back to the group

Randall raises his staff, the hand holding Condrovon vanishes and he falls, but disappears before he hits the water.

Calynna spits out “Your song, It is so beautiful, but so sad, why is it so sad???”

Tilljon looks at her, “Look around you, the forest is suffering, is that not sad, all this fire and we can not leave, we can’t live.”

Calynna replies back, “Yes we are trying to end all the fire in the forest, can we help you out anyway, would you like some food?”

She looks at Calynna “ I have plenty of food back in my village”

Torrent asks, “Can we escort you back to your village, make sure Condrovon or anyone else like him doesn’t try to harm you again?”

She just smiles and looks at each member of the party, “Well I suppose” knowing that these people around her now are not her enemy

Kat walks up to her and doing her best to fake a smile, “Do you know where the source of all this fire is coming from, and what is the best way to put it out is?”

Tilljon just sighs, “Well do you really want to know why I think they attacked me, and how to stop this fire”
The whole party either nodes or quietly says “yes”

Tilljon goes on, “It is because they want the song of forms to end, it is the song that I sing. “

Kat replies slightly harshly “well we can help this song to end, but what is the source of the fire is to help it to end”

Tilljon then stands up fully and then up close the party recognize her as a Seela, as their legend goes, they are known for Song and wind, They used to be messengers for the nations. Song is part of their power

Once Kat seen her, “So as long as you sing the song, the forest burns…”. There was the glint in the back of Kat’s eyes like she was about to kill her right here and now

Tilljon replies back, “Yes, the song keeps Indomitability imprisoned, and that keeps the Fey alive”

Kat Squints, “So Indomitability is your enemy” and puts one hand her daggers.

Tilljon says, “Here is the thing, you all are welcome to come with me to my village and we can discuss this some more, You may be the ones from the outside spoken of in legend and lore. be the ones to bring something beautiful to this ever burning forest, and release us from this prison. I was born to see the rest of the world, to be a messenger to Sequin, but all that I know is this fire forest.”

Kat looks at her, “Lead us to our enemy, and we shall let you see the rest of the world”

Tilljon replies back, “I came to this bridge here after I spoke with Vol, he is one of my people, he has been acting strange and different the last few weeks, he told me that he saw something beautiful he could not speak of, it gave him hope that the Seela could survive if the song ends. and that is why I came here.

Torrent asks, “So you are traveling, These people were trying to stop you”

She just replied back, “This is not the Seela village, No. Under Vol’s influence, the rebels affecting on the song of forms, only 15 remain to sing it. the other 35 stoped so that they might die.”

Torrent asks “How long has this song been going on?”

Tilljon just replies “60 years”
Torrent thinks about it a second, “And Vol has been acting strange for a couple of weeks, what happened?”

She comes back, “Something happened, I can’t put my finger on it, So many have stopped singing, we can’t keep the song going on forever. When we get to the village, we can explain the song better. Once I explain things to our leader, I am sure, no more attacks will happen.

And the Party continues on to the Seela Village…….

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